Our core mission is to engage people back to nature, switching to what our planet has to offer for their personal care, lifestyle and beauty routines. 

Our products are handmade with the best of nature's fruits. We focus on combining traditional Indian formulations with modern recipes. Using the purest of ingredients in the form of cold pressed plant oils, butter, earth clays, herbs and botanicals. Wrapped in environmentally conscious packaging, enriched with extractions, infusions and anti-oxidants to directly target and heal skin concerns. 

We are a mini batch, home made, small business with a passion for quality personal care products.  


Made for all skin, all people. 

Body and Hair Ritual

Keeping the body and hair resilient and protected from environmental stressors is what we help you achieve with our range of plant based products. 

Our carefully curated blends enhance everyday acts of care, and delight skin and senses. 

Bathing Essentials

Formulations to nourish every part of the body and transform the bathroom into a sanctuary of self-care.

Gift Package

Celebrate personal triumphs or offer respite from the pressures of the day-to-day.


For the ones you love, honour, and cherish, give the gift of wellness and self-care with our hand-made offerings. 

Packaged lovingly in low-waste, sustainable materials with a hand-written personal note to express your affection in abundance. 

Daily Cleansing Ritual

The skin requires gentle and routine cleansing.

Our cold process soaps combine nourishing powers of plant oils, butter and earth clays for a deep cleansing and skin conditioning experience. 

Face Ritual

Healthy skin is the byproduct of a balanced lifestyle, careful cleansing, and appropriate hydration. 
Choose from our botanical infused formulations to steer a well-rounded skin care regimen.


Pure, therapeutic grade essential oils for your aromatherapy needs. 

Calm, rejuvenate, revive and fill your space with healing aromas of the earth.



Mindful. Sustainable. Conscious


Our products are handmade with natural, plant-based ingredients. Free from palm oil, sulphates, phthalates, parabens, silicones and synthetic additives.



Sustainable packaging with low-waste materials. No bubble wraps or foams. We reuse packing materials from old supply orders. 



Say no to animal testing. We love our furry babies!


If you've tried our products, let us know what you think! Your reviews and feedback are a major contributor to our consistent efforts in improving and providing quality personal care products.

We wholeheartedly appreciate your support to us as a small business!

Below are reviews sent in by you via our website, Instagram and WhatsApp.

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Light and Shadow

"The products I’ve tried so far have been amazing to say the least! the calendula chamomile body oil is soo nourishing, and the soaps are so soft and leave my skin feeling super clean and moisturized. The bakuchiol cranberry face oil gives this soft glow to the face and hydrates it as well. such good organic toxin-free skincare products for better skin and also peace of mind, I am loving it so far!"

- Shreya