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At Ruharoma, we believe that taking care of your skin should be simple yet luxurious and that it is what we strive for in all of our products. We are a homemade, small business devoted to making natural and environment-friendly skin and body care products. 

Ruharoma is rooted in the idea of slow living. Botanical-based ingredients are essential to our formulation process. Our products are lovingly and intentionally handmade. We primarily work with solar infused oils, cold-pressed oils earth clays, plant-derived butter, powders, herbs and pure essential oils. Each bottle, jar, and soap bar is labelled and packaged by hand. From earth to soul, each batch is made to provide you with the best in quality. 

Our packaging is low-waste. We say no to the use of plastic and bubble wraps but encourage the practice of recycling and reusing existing waste. 

Since late 2018, we have specialized in small-batch artisan skincare and cold process soaps made with high quality, nourishing, and often locally sourced ingredients with the aim to elevate your skincare/bath ritual. We believe you deserve the best of ingredients that are safe for your skin and the planet. Ruharoma is the fruition of this long process of learning with nature's power and ability.



BEAUTY for all

Our mission is straightforward: crafting natural, premium products accessible to everyone. Through responsible cultivation of nature, we empower women to embrace confidence and beauty in their own skin, fostering a positive impact on the world we share.



We formulate products with our innovative waterless solutions that not only meets sustainability goals but also provides better performance for your customers

​Formulated with active ingredients or botanical oils. Waterless beauty products are typically more concentrated than beauty products with water because the active ingredients have not been dissolved by the water.

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